Who am I?

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Hello, world!

I am Riccardo Macoratti, a young man fresh graduated in computer science. I also happen to be the owner and creator of this site.

Some quick information about myself: I was born at the end of 1992 in Rho, a relatively big center near Milan. I currently live Somma Lombardo, a small city located in Lombardy.


When I was 14 I had to make a choice about which school to attend in the future. I actually chose a high school specializing in modern languages, which means that I learnt English, Spanish and German. As a result, I am a quite fluent English speaker, but I also remeber (and like) Spanish quite well. Unfortunately, these years I haven’t had much chanches of speaking German, but I’d really love to.

I consider myself proficient in English, but after all it is not my mothertongue, so if you find some grammatical error, I apologize in advance. Feel, also, free to contact me to notice.

At 19 years old, I understood languages were not my way, although I liked them. Nonetheless, I was becoming more and more interested in technology, directing my interest in the open source community. Over the years, messing with my faithful (and only) computer, I slowly started to learn how to automate some repetitive processes of my digital life or, as I later discovered, I was simply learning how to program: I knew I wanted to be a computer scientist.

So, I began attending a Bacherlor’s degree course in Digital Communication at the University of Milan. I graduated in December 2015 with a mark of 110110 submitting a dissertation entitled “Design and creation of a digital image capturing system and streaming towards a distributed player”. A digital copy of the disseration can be obtained here.

In January 2015, I began a Master’s degree course in Computer Science also at the University of Milan. In April 2018, I graduated with a mark of 109110, producing a dissertation called “An application for remote competitions system: analysis, revision and implementation of new features”. A digital copy of the disseration can be obtained here.

The second dissertation lead to a pubblication at the CSEDU 2018 conference. The poster of the pubblication won the Best Poster Award prize. A digital copy of the disseration can be obtained here and of the poster, here.


tux, the linux logo, image, dressed as neo in matrix

As I stated before, I really and deeply love the open source world, and my appreciation is directed especially towards GNU/Linux, by far my operating system of choice.

In 2014 I started attending a small LUG (Linux User Group) called LinuxVar. We are actually more focused on spreading the GNU/Linux word, but sometimes we work on some little projects, helping each other and sharing knowledge.

Once in a while we give talks and lessons to high school students, not only on GNU/Linux, but more in general on open source technologies and computer science.

Lastly, every so often, we organize themed nights to speak about an interesting open source matter or application, where whoever feels more condifent may arrange a small presentation on the subject, thus sharing the knowledge.

Some experiences I had, made me develop an interest in video-related and, more in general, vision-related technologies. In 2015 I had the opportunity to attend a traineeship in a company and to experiment with video capturing devices, video projectors, streaming protocols and videowalls. I architectured and built an application, also subject of my graduation thesis, called “V4LCapture” which captures a video stream from a video capture board and sends it to a distributed player, commonly known as a videowall. You can peek it on Gitlab.

Recently I also developed a dual pane web file manager to help cinemas transferring movies all around network attached storages to projectors. The source is also available here on Gitlab.

I really hope you enjoy reading some content I write here and if you want to contact me, feel free to, referring to one of the links in the sidebar.