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Hi, I'm Riccardo

How do I used to run this site?

Note that now the site is served through Netlify. I am still concerned about privacy, but my connection is not so stable connection anymore, so...

raspberry pi 3 photo

I have never been a fan of giving away all my informations and personally produced content to a service provider I don't completely know and trust. I had a bad experience, when my virtual server provider deleted all my files without my consent or any prior warning and, remembering that, I actually prefer to handle my own data by myself.

In order to do that, I need some sort of association from an hostname to my ISP provided dynamic IP. So I bought the domain you are seing on top, mainly because its provider offered a dynamic DNS service included. Before that, I used a third level free dynamic DNS service provided by the LUG (Linux User Group) I attend.

Alas the Internet connection in my country isn't that great, but I, personally speaking, cannot complain at all. I have an asymetric DSL 12 / 0.8 Mbps, quite enough for offering simple services such as HTTP and git. I connect to the Internet by means of a cheap router that supports high speed ethernet and a WLAN.

But the real star of this page is the server phisically providing this service, a Raspberry Pi 3, produced by Raspberry Foundation. It is an embedded, single board, but modestly high powered computer, backed by an ARMv8 processor and 1 GB of RAM, running my beloved Arch Linux, ARM version.


nginx logo

I chose nginx as web server, because it is very light in terms of used resources and easy to configure, although I currently don't use any server side scripting engine, like PHP or Python. I plan to set up some Python FCGI in order to provide some small services.

The site is, therefore, static, but not completely handwritten. As stated in the footer at the bottom of every page, this site is generated with the excellent static content generator Pelican.

Ehm... Update, the site has now been ported to Hugo.

Uhm... Second update, the site has now been ported again to Eleventy.