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Hi, I'm Riccardo

Stack Overflow network analysis

A simple and straightforward analysis of the Stack Overflow answer graph
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As we all know, a programmer always needs help from another fellow programmer or sometimes just wants to reach easily the best implementation of an algorithm.

For this purpose, Stack Overflow has been created.

Stack Overflow is part of the Stack Exchange network and at the time of writing it counts 7.3 milion users, with more than 14 milions question asked and 22m of answers given (more here).

We present a simple ans standard analysis of the Stack Overflow constructed as follows:

  • every node is a user;
  • every edge answers to the question has answered to;
  • an optional weight has been given if a user has answered more than once to another user (but it was not used during the analysis).

Below, the notebook with the complete analysis:

You can download it here.

A presentation of the result obtained can be viewed below (also [download it] (/files/uni/stack-overflow/presentation.pdf)).

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