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Hi, I'm Riccardo

Linux Presentation Day 2016

2016 (and first) edition of the Linux Presentation Day for our LUG, hosted at Gazzada, Varese
linux presentation day logo 2016

A new (but not so revolutionary) event is born in Europe to advertise the use of Linux and the concept of Open Source and Free Software: the Linux Presentation Day. All European nations estabilished a day, the 30th of April, to organize some propaganda for the famouse operative system, I like the most.

My LUG, LinuxVar, has decided to take an active part in this day, but in its own classic style.We decided to spend this day in a school, teaching to the students the power of open systems. We chose the I.S.I.S Keynes in Gazzada Schianno, Varese.

A group decided to present an acitivity based on AppInventor, an MIT software which allows to develop Android applications in a Scratch fashion, dealing with visual blocks for coding.

Me and my friend decided to give an introductory talk about Internet traffic sniffing, so we presented principal Linux networking tools together with nmap and Wireshark. My friend centered his attention on a presentation over firewalls tassonomy and firewalls tasks.

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A copy of the presentation on traffic sniffing is available to download here.