Linux Day 2016

linuxday logo 2016

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In this period of the year, the time has come for the Linux Day for the area of Varese, Lombardy.. This edition we, LinuxVar, LIFO laboratory and GL-Como LUGs, have decided to make it take place another time at the FaberLab of Tradate, an interesting place where anyone can transform its ideas into a 3D printed reality.

As usual, some talks, workshop and projects took place. This year we decided that not only the school were to partecipate at this event, but also they were to be part of the protagonists. So some talks on Arduino by students for students were organized.


I, personally, choose to build up a workshop on the GIMP, the GNU Image Manuplator Program. Further information on the can be found here.

A more descrptive and detailed explanation of the workshop is available at this page, complete with slides used to show it.

Some photos of the event can be, instead, downloaded here, on my file server.