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Hi, I'm Riccardo

Battle for the Net Neutrality

Join the battle for the net neutrality!
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I know, I am European and this battle should not be my battle, but let's analyze things from another point of view.

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Internet is objectively America-centered, U.S.A. invented the Internet and, as such, a great, perceivable part of the internet is on the hands of the States. For this reason, Europe should take position on Net Neutrality matter, because even if it seems a very far concern, it is not, it will affect our lives too, the lives of the people on the other side of the ocean as well.

fight for the net neutrality meme

As a fellow Internet user, wether you are a kid of the manager of a multinational society, you have to take you position and defend the medium you are using.

I am not usually a person who shouts in real life, and neither I am on the internet, but for this time I will make an exception:


Even if you don't have any influence power, you can still do you part, informing yourself and other on the matter. Here are some link that can get you started:

You don't have time or you don't feel like reading something? Here are some video content that can get you instantly informed on you last chanche to save the Internet as you know it.

This one is only some seconds long, directly from Fight for the Future.

This one, instead, is from the inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.