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Hi, I'm Riccardo

Codemotion Milan 2017

Codemotion Event in Milan, 2017 edition
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Last saturday, I had the oportunity to visit this famous event which took place in Milan, in a new location called BASE, 6000 sqm, that was the old offices of the Ansaldo.

This is publicized as the "greatest technical conference of Europe, regarding software development". And, in my poor experience, it completely was. They programmed two days of conferences and two days of workshops. I attended only the last day of conference.

There, more than a hundred talks took place and all leader in the market companies were there, offering a job or simply selling their products.

Among this forest of advertisemente, there were also a lot of skilled presenters who showed the most interesting and up to date novelties of the technology word.

The passwords were Faas, that is Function as a service, serverless, microservices and containers. Some of the content taught also parallell and distributed computing, big and realtime data and, ultimately, the SMACK stack.

The most interesting talk, in my opinion, was the one about CSS. I always hated CSS and it seemes like learning Arabic to me. This talk opened my eyes on its powers and the ability to complete supersede some functions of Javascript. This is very specific, but while I was listening to the presenter, my mind blew up for the magic he was showing us.

The presenter was Davide Di Pumpo and the presetation (in Italian) it is about twelve cheats in CSS.

If you want more information on the event, you can find them on their site. Maybe next year we will meet there.

And, finally, a photo of my old laptop (which is slowly becoming a sticker plate).

old pc with codemotion logo