Introduction to Machine Learning

Posted on Fri 23 March 2018 in talks • Tagged with 2018, talk, introduction, machine learning

Introductory talk to machine learning concepts.

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Instagram: #instaprivacy

Posted on Sat 28 October 2017 in talks • Tagged with 2017, linuxday, talk, instagram, social network, privacy

Presentation about disclosing delicate informations online.

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Git in pratica

Posted on Thu 16 February 2017 in talks • Tagged with talk, git, programming, streaming

Video tutorial, with presentation on everyday git use and commands.

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Introduction to the GNU Image Manipulator Program

Posted on Sat 22 October 2016 in talks • Tagged with talk, gimp, photo editing, image editor, linuxday

A simple course on the basics of GIMP, the libre image manipulator.

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Introduction to Android programming

Posted on Thu 22 September 2016 in talks • Tagged with talk, android, android studio, programming

A crash course on Android and Android Studio, for people who already know Java, with simple but useful examples.

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Introduction to Python 3

Posted on Wed 01 June 2016 in talks • Tagged with talk, python, python3, programming

A basic introduction to the Python language version 3.

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Introduction to Git

Posted on Mon 18 May 2015 in talks • Tagged with talk, git, programming

Cheatsheet to a basic use of the most powerful and used versioning system of the world.

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